The USA Horoscope and the April 2014 Grand Cross by Vassilis Papadolias

Grand CrossMost of us are concerned these days with the Grand Cross of April. Although for many countries, like Greece, the Grand Cross is not necessarily going to bring any catastrophies, for the United States things are a bit more risky. As the Grand Cross activates a primary aspect of its natal chart, namely the Sun/Saturn square. This square is about a basic struggle in the US governing system between the administrative powers (Saturn in MC) and the personality of the Head of the State, namely the President (Sun in the 7th house, close to the 8th house cusp).

It’s a fact that the presidential system in the US was since ever a bipolar system, with the President acting, but facing obstacles in his actions by the administration. Located in the 7th house cusp, the President figure has always been an extrovert power in the US policy, influencing economics with his decisions as well (8th house). On the other hand the administration of the United States, many times has brought obstacles to international agreements and foreign policy initiatives of the President. And not only that… The fight for the debt we’ve been seeing the last 8 month is also a struggle between Presidency and conservative objections, which also can be thought of be equivalent to Saturn.

This time however the 13th degree of cardinal signs is in the eye of the storm, as the entire Grand Cross takes place upon this degree and influences the Head of the State in the United States. What should we expect, I wonder, by this Grand Cross?

To assist us in research for this question, we could go back to older dates, where we had similar astrological phenomena and try to see what happened.

For example in the beginning of January, Mars has passed from a similar place in the natal chart (same degree) and was associated with a heavy storm in the country and many deads.

August 2013 on the other hand, when Jupiter was in the degree of the Sun, we were in the middle of a period, where US seemed to be wanting to intervene in  Syria (remember the Sun is in the house of foreign policy, namely the 7th). However the square to Saturn showed up all its power, a month later, when transiting Jupiter was stopped by natal Saturn in the 14th degree of Libra. And who was the one who personified this Saturn? Vladimir Putin of course, whose Sun degree is on the 13th of Libra.

Vladimir Putin (Source: Astrology Weekly)

Vladimir Putin (Source: Astrology Weekly)

The story repeated itself recently when Jupiter retrograded to the same 13th degree and pushed the US to try to intervene in the Ukraine crisis. This time it was Mars stationary, in the 26th degree of Libra who squared US natal Pluto, who colored the way this intervention took place. However the same Mars sextiled Putin’s Mars in his natal chart and again, it seemed like US wishes were not granted.

If Mars and Jupiter have visited the 13th degree recently, Uranus and Pluto haven’t been there for the last years. In fact Pluto, hasn’t been there at all, since it hasn’t made his Return yet in the US chart. Uranus however, not only has visited this degree but has made a mark of the makrs.

Because it was with transiting Uranus in square to natal Sun of the US and in opposition to Saturn, that the US started feeling the economic crisis in May 1930, 6 months after the Stock Market has crashed down. Unemployment and inflation were the symptoms people started to see after this date, although the President was declaring at that time, that the crisis will soon be over.

But a glimpse of this possible destruction has been seen last summer as well, as Uranus not exactly being in the 13th degree, but already with a 1 degree orbit (12th degree) has shown the near collapse of US economy due to the debt threshold crisis back in last August. So, a sudden destruction in economics is not to be excluded. And the Jupiter/Uranus square back then is about to happen again right now.

As for Pluto, we should go back to the War of Indepence to see how it behaved in the 13th degree. For those who believe that the Natal Tranists Chart works also backwards it’s interesting to see how Great Britain imposed taxes to the Colonies in 1768, the year of Pluto transiting 13th degree, which was actually the beginning of the end for English Rulership.

If we don’t want to go back however, we can always take a look at squares and conjunctions which happened in the later days.

Indeed 1836 when Pluto squares the Sun and opposites Saturn, President Andrew Jackson issues legislation to allow selling of options based on land, a legislation which leads eventually to the 1837 crash, again with Pluto in the degree of the Sun after its retrogration.

1926 on the other hand with the conjunction aspect, the US intervenes militarily in Nicaragua and stays there until 1933. The prior year, when the same aspect is repeated a corps of US soldiers intervenes in China to protect American Interests. Furthermore the US Senate refuses to sign the disarmament treaty of the League of Nations.

In March 1977, when we have the next exact square, a terrorist attach made by Muslims takes place in Washington DC, with 130 hostages in 3 buildings. In October with the same square happening and afterwards a conjunction to Saturn, US is forced by national pressure to withdraw the state of war with Nicaragua and not only that, but it moves to a disarmament treaty with Soviet Union and other 15 states.

A lot of thought and a lot of possibilities open up in our minds after this view back to the history of the United States. Willitbeaterroristattack? Amilitaryintervention? An economic disaster? An international pressure which will prevent something of the above? Or a weather catastrophe?

The truth is we cannot predict in an exact way how all these factors will work together, because never in the past we have head ALL FOUR PLANETS in the same degree of the Sun of the US. Indeed if we examine the cases of Pluto, in all cases Uranus for example was never in a squaring, opposing or conjuncting degree. NeitherJupiter. So, thiswillbeanentirelynewthing, Iwouldsay. Will these planets work together to a big collapse? Or will they neutralize each other’s power and end up with a little more than nothing as a result?

This I’m afraid is something that remains to be seen…

Vassilis Papadolias is a founding member and a member of the Board of the Non Profit Organization “Hellenic Friends of Astrology”, founded in Athens, Greece, in September 2013. He is an Information Technology specialist and a professional astrologer since 2007. A graduate of Mayo School of Astrology and a member of APAI since 2013 he is to be found easily in Facebook in his English profile Page or the English speaking group


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