Snapshots from the 1st International Astrology Congress of PA.SY.F.A.

The Panhellenic Association of Friends of Astrology (PA.SY.F.A.) hosted its 1st International Astrology Congress on “Mundane Astrology in the 21st Century” on 24 and 25 May 2019 at the Triaena Business Center Congress Hall in Athens.

The Board of Directors of the Association would like to thank the Congress’s attendees, speakers and sponsors without whom this congress would have never taken place. We would particularly like to thank our foreign speakers, João Medeiros, Wendy Stacey and Erin Sullivan as well as our Greek speakers, Yannis Yalamas, Vasilis Papadolias, Yannis Rizopoulos, Christos Archos, Fotini Orsari and Vangelis Petritsis.

Many thanks go to our greatest sponsor, ZEVA Consulting, for providing the congress materials and banner. Further thanks go to PA.SY.F.A. members Angeliki Asimakopoulou, Aleka Douzina, Polyxeni Plavoukou, Antonia Solanaki and Kalliopi Stergiopoulou for providing drinks and snacks. We would also like to thank the company Votomos S.A. for providing water bottles (ZAROS); Vasilis Papadolias for providing books and name cards; PsarasBooks for providing books; and Kyriakos Daskalakis and Periklis Karaminas for printing out the congress programme and attendance certificates respectively.

We would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to the Astrological Association of Great Britain for donating a one-year subscription to Correlation and a one-year subscription to the Astrological Association itself.

The subject matter of the Congress was original and unprecedented by Greek standards, covering as it did the astrological influences as reflected in social phenomena through different approaches. Participants had the opportunity to see a multifaceted view of worldly changes as well as the formation of new structures and institutions through the correspondences of planets, synodic cycles and eclipses.

The attendees were provided with attendance certification and congress material. In addition, they had the chance to obtain PA.SY.F.A.’s first annual journal, free of charge, which included articles of research by members of the association as well as by the Congress’s speakers. The journal also includes three chapters from the Mundane Astrology book authored by Nick Campion (honorary member of PA.SY.F.A.), Michael Baigent and Charles Harvey. All three chapters were translated into Greek by Athan Zervas and Eleni Kostika, members of PA.SY.F.A., following permission by the authors.

Finally, a series of astrological gifts was distributed through a prize draw on the first day of the Congress. Mrs Fouska, Mr Yalamas, Mrs Deona, Mrs Ponirou, Mrs Koutrakou, Mrs Klonari and Mr Daskalakis won books while the two great gifts from the Astrological Association were won by Mr Bardopoulos (one-year subscription to Correlation) and Mrs Kostika (one-year subscription to the Astrological Association).

There follow pictures from the two-day Congress. We renew our congress ‘date’ for next year on May 8 and 9. The topic of next year’s congress is going to be about the “Astrology of the Family”. More information will follow in due time.


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